Environmental Health and Safety


Environmental Health and Safety Policy

eForce Compliance is committed to maintaining comprehensive conformance with the e-Stewards Standard and all requirements of our EH&S management system. We are equally committed to meet or exceed our customer requirements, to continually improve our processes, to prevent pollution and work place injuries and illness, and to maintain compliance with applicable legal requirements and with other requirements to which eForce Compliance subscribes, which relate to our environmental and Stewardship aspects. The goal of eForce Compliance’s operation is to have a positive impact on the environment.

We will continually improve our system while striving to minimize adverse impacts on the environment by managing used and end-of-life electronic equipment, components and materials –with respect to both on-site activities and the selection of downstream vendors - using a “reuse, recover, dispose” hierarchy of responsible management strategies. 

In addition to the above statement, eForce Compliance is committed to:

·    Protect the environment, human health and safety, data security, and social responsibility; and

·    Protect workers’ rights to a workplace free from harassment and discrimination; and

·    Protect workers’ rights to a workplace free from harmful pollutants and hazardous conditions;

·    Prevent Transboundary Movement of Materials of Concern (MOC’s) in violation of relevant laws, treaties, agreements, and eStewards Standard;

·    Prohibit the use of forced and child labor; and

·    Restrict the use of Prison Operations in accordance with e-Stewards Standard;

·    Restrict the disposal of Materials of Concern (MOCs) in accordance with eStewards Standard.

eForce considers the wider global impact of all of our activities, complies with all relevant regulations of the countries’ national laws of import and export for equipment, components , or aspects that pass through our facility or control. This will include setting goals, taking into consideration our business, financial, operational and legal requirements as well as the views of all interested parties.

Jay Segal

Owner, eForce Compliance