Logistics - the key to providing great service

eForce provides secure, reliable transportation service through either our own truck fleet or contracted logistics providers. Our chain of custody assures complete security of your assets from pick up at your location to arrival at our facility. With our capability to provide service in a number of key national markets, we can provide reduction in operational expenses, emissions and landfill use.

Reverse Logistics

eForce Recycling simplifies the process of moving end-of-life, damaged, and excess inventory of material and goods for proper disposal or remarketing. Our logistical support services include:

  • Field harvesting
  • Regional Technology Centers
  • Owned-asset remarketing/recycling or redeployment
  • No-landfill EPA and State Compliance
  • Hardware Audits
  • Data security using DOD 5220.22-M data wipes
  • On-line inventory management
  • Corporate Clean Out Service
  • Salvage and recalls
  • Obsolete equipment disposition
  • Asset recovery

On demand response available in most areas.

National Coverage

Our corporate facility and main processing plant is located in Philadelphia, with support and processing centers located coast-to-coast nationwide via our certified alliance groups.

Remarketing Plans

Purchase Program

Eforce Recycling will purchase the entire inventory as agreed with the client.

Consignment Program

Eforce Recycling will accept and market excess electronic equipment and provide a monthly report for sold and unsold product.

Inventory Service

Eforce Recycling will perform on site inventory documentation of excess components upon mutual agreement.

Employee Purchase Program

Eforce Recycling will refurbish and remarket all working equipment allowing an organization to sell it to their employees. Fees for refurbishing and shipping may apply.

Donation Program

Eforce Recycling will sanitize retired assets to protect privacy and security and then refurbish and ship to non-profit organizations for reuse. Fees for sanitization, refurbishing and shipping may apply.

Recycling for your industry...


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

legislation continues to transform healthcare. The data security risks are significant, and old hard drives often contain important and confidential data which is easier to retrieve utilizing new technology. This risk to data security, combined with a growing list of EPA regulations, is driving healthcare companies to take a closer look at the asset disposition process. Eforce Recycling serves leading healthcare organizations by offering secure data elimination and hard drive destruction services. We use our own team and trucks throughout the entire recycling process.

Banking and Finance


and EPA regulations are directly influencing the asset disposition process of leading financial institutions. Data security ranks as the most important consideration when choosing an asset disposal and recovery company. Eforce Recycling provides nation-wide services to handle all aspect of removing, recycling and repurposing assets


Technology is an ever-growing presence in education, creating new challenges for administrators and staff. Compliant disposal and value recovery combined with data security are issues that must be addressed. Eforce Recycling understands the unique requirements of educational institutions at all levels, including the challenge of planning for each school year, zero landfill policies and strict auditing. We can provide services for entire school districts, as well as one-off institutions.


There is increasing pressure for corporations to construct comprehensive plans to reduce their energy and carbon usage and minimize waste. In fact, most of our corporate clients ask for an explanation of our "green" initiatives prior to awarding business. Eforce Recycling turnkey solution, from consulting to ongoing asset management to eventual disposal, help our corporate customers meet their environmental objectives.


The Sarbanes-Oxley Act is transforming how the insurance industry processes information. With hard drives being the media that stores most corporate information, it is increasingly important that insurance professionals know how their computer assets are being decommissioned. A typical insurance company refreshes thousands of assets per year and each must be tracked and handled safely and securely. Eforce Recycling offers a complete one-stop solution to maximize the security and value of retired assets.