eForce Recycling is a certified metro-Philadelphia electronic and computer recycling company handling:

IT Asset Disposition

Materials Recovery


Legislative and Program Management

IT Hardware Sales


We service over 75 million square feet of commercial property throughout the Delaware Valley.

We provide secure data destruction and responsible recycling for ALL electronic devices.

We also recycle over 100 difficult to recycle items.

We care about the environment...

Environmental Policy

We are committed to the highest level of environmental stewardship and is a member of the EPA's Sustainability Partnership Program. It is our mission to constantly seek the highest reasonable reuse value for all materials we collect. We strive to maintain a zero landfill policy and zero export of hazardous e-waste.  Read more...

Zero Landfill

We strive to maintain a zero landfill policy by identifying viable and sustainable markets for the materials we collect.  Read more...


We maintain a fully transparent recycling operation with strict accountability for all material received and processed. Transparency is only as effective as the partners we choose. We choose our partners carefully. 

It's not enough to simply recycle used and unwanted electronics. To lessen the impact on the environment, electronics must be recycled responsibly. Learn more about the importance of transparency in electronic recycling.