Poster Templates

Accepted Electronics  View  Download
The accepted item list is useful for residents since major items are identified and sorted by type.
Thank you  View  Download
What better way to show your residents how their electronics are recycled than by providing a flyer explaining the danger.
Press Release  View  Download
Press releases are a great way to get the word out to the community.

Recycling Day  View  Download
This is our most requested poster.
Recycling Event  View  Download
Great for displaying at local retail establishments.
Recycling Event  View  Download
Our frineds at Green in Chestnut Hill had much success with this poster.


Recycling Day  View  Download
This poster was used by our friends at Northern Liberties. Everyone got a good chuckle!
Theme Advertising  View  Download
This is perfect to run on cable networks for getting the word out.
Recycling Event  View  Download
This is also perfect to run on cable networks.